What is PG Booth the photo booth app

In its simplest form, PG Booth is a Photo Booth app.

Some PG Booth - Photo Booth App Definitions

Photo Booth App
Photo booth app is an app that takes several photos and makes one photo from them.
Remote Photo Booth App
In PG Booth, a remote photo booth app is an app that allows you to start the main photo booth app from another device running the same app.
Remote Slide Show
In PG Booth, the remote slide show allows a device to connect to another device running the photo booth, and display the photos after they are taken in a slide show.

What does PG Booth have?

  • Photo booth
  • Remote photo booth
  • Slide show
  • Remote slide show
  • Settings!!! Lots and lots of settings.

    Some Feature Settings

    • Set number of photos to take
    • Set timer for intro
    • Set timer for between photos
    • Upload background images
    • Upload Top logo / image
    • Position Top logo / image
    • Upload Bottom logo / image
    • Position Bottom logo / image
    • Custom printing settings
    • Custom email settings
    • check the rest of the settings out