PG Booth Versions

Version 2.4


DIY Photo Booth Printing & uploaded images updates

Also includes new saving and color settings

New printing settings

There is a new printing section in settings that allows you to:

  • pre-select printer
  • pre-select paper size
  • So now skip that pesky printer menu - when you pre-select the options

New uploaded image settings

  • choose alignment ( left, center, or right )
  • scaling - you can now scale your uploaded images
  • choose offsets for left, top, right, and bottom

New photo save option

A new setting to save to PG Booth has been added. So if you want photos to get saved to camera roll, and not PG Booth you can. If you want photos saved to PG Booth and not your camera roll you can do that as well.

The reason for saving to PG Booth app is mainly for the Slide Show. Any photos saved in PG Booth will be shown in the slide show view.

New color RGB setting & copy / pasting

  • Know what RGB value you want to use? Now the DIY PG Booth lets you do that!
  • Want to re-use the same color in several places? Now you can just press "copy color" and you will be able to then press "paste color" anywhere you want the color you copied!

Added flashing of screen

  • When a photo is taken, the screen now flashes. Users reported it being difficult to know when the photo was exactly taken. now you know!

Added Photos "To Go" option

  • Now you can have "4 to go" , "3 to go" , "2 to go" , "1 to go" show on the booth between shots for a quick second.

Hide / Show settings & Layout button

  • Added options to allow for hiding / showing the settings and layout buttons on top of the booth.

Remote Slide Show update

  • DIY Remote Slide show now automatically slides to the newest image when it is received.

Photo Strips

  • Delete all options added to photo strips saved to app.

bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug where "Tap to start Booth" would not go away when starting via remote when the booth had the photo strip overlay showing.
  2. Fixed bug where some settings were displaying the "more info" arrow, but tapping it did noting.
  3. Fixed connection count issue where a slide show that disconnects from a running booth decrement the connection count on the booth.