PG Booth Versions

Check out all the DIY Photo Booth App version updates.

Below is a list of the iPhone & iPad photo booth app updates that have been added to PG Booth recently.

We have been getting a ton of feedback about the latest iteration of PG Booth. Feel free to reach out and let us know if you have questions, comments, or ideas!

Version 2.14


Photos Photos Photos

  • Now you can add several overlay photos in the setting of PG Booth.

Version 2.11


Printing Updates

  • The best photo booth app added some printing features and functionality.

Version 2.10


Auto dismiss photo booth strips & Pre-set preferred camera!

  • Pre-set preferred camera. Now you can choose to have the photo booth apps photo strips auto-dismiss. This also has a timer you can set for the number of seconds before the photo strip is removed.
  • Pick a preferred camera for the booth to start on, and hide the camera swapping button

Version 2.9


Exporting and Importing Settings!

  • Now you can export and import your settings files to iCloud Drive.
  • customize the photo booth app on any device, export those settings to icloud drive, and then you can import those settings to any other device running the PG Booth photo booth app!

Version 2.8


Animated Gifs previewing support

  • Now you can view the animated Gifs in the photo booth app slideshow and gallery.
  • a connected remote PG Booth app also now can show animated Gifs

Version 2.7


Animated Gifs!

  • PG Booth now has animated Gif capabilities!!

    Instead of a large photo strip, you can now take animated gif images!

  • Choose the time between images, and # of loops
  • Animated Gifs still allow for background, top, and bottom images

Version 2.6


Fixed bug with camera switching

  • The 2.5 release unknowing broke the ability to switch cameras. This is now fixed.

Version 2.5


Added Email Setting

  • Now you can turn on emailing!

New Text Color Options

  • Countdown text color option
  • Photos left to take message text color option

Image Quality!

  • Now the photos taken and saved locally are full resolution!

Running Booth Buttons

  • Added a tap to hide buttons option
  • Added hide/show back button
  • Change alpha of back button
  • Three finger swipe out of booth

Version 2.4


DIY Photo Booth Printing & uploaded images updates

Also includes new saving and color settings

New printing settings

There is a new printing section in settings that allows you to:

  • pre-select printer
  • pre-select paper size
  • So now skip that pesky printer menu - when you pre-select the options

New uploaded image settings

  • choose alignment ( left, center, or right )
  • scaling - you can now scale your uploaded images
  • choose offsets for left, top, right, and bottom

New photo save option

A new setting to save to PG Booth has been added. So if you want photos to get saved to camera roll, and not PG Booth you can. If you want photos saved to PG Booth and not your camera roll you can do that as well.

The reason for saving to PG Booth app is mainly for the Slide Show. Any photos saved in PG Booth will be shown in the slide show view.

New color RGB setting & copy / pasting

  • Know what RGB value you want to use? Now the DIY PG Booth lets you do that!
  • Want to re-use the same color in several places? Now you can just press "copy color" and you will be able to then press "paste color" anywhere you want the color you copied!

Added flashing of screen

  • When a photo is taken, the screen now flashes. Users reported it being difficult to know when the photo was exactly taken. now you know!

Added Photos "To Go" option

  • Now you can have "4 to go" , "3 to go" , "2 to go" , "1 to go" show on the booth between shots for a quick second.

Hide / Show settings & Layout button

  • Added options to allow for hiding / showing the settings and layout buttons on top of the booth.

Remote Slide Show update

  • DIY Remote Slide show now automatically slides to the newest image when it is received.

Photo Strips

  • Delete all options added to photo strips saved to app.

bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug where "Tap to start Booth" would not go away when starting via remote when the booth had the photo strip overlay showing.
  2. Fixed bug where some settings were displaying the "more info" arrow, but tapping it did noting.
  3. Fixed connection count issue where a slide show that disconnects from a running booth decrement the connection count on the booth.

Version 2.3


Accessories and B&W photos

  • Black and White option for photo strips
  • Control your PG Booth with headphones / other accessories
  • Allowing use of shutter control and other wireless and wired photo controllers

Version 2.2


Image capabilities & Settings management

DIY Photo Booth Image capabilities

  • You can now add background images to the photo strips.
  • You can now add images to the top of the photo strips.
  • You can now add images to the bottom of the photo strips.

DIY Photo Booth Settings management

  • Create, save, and duplicate settings .
  • Now you can copy a setting you like to make changes and re-load the previous one whenever you want.
  • You can now add images to the bottom of the photo strips.

Version 2.1


DIY Photo Booth Settings Galore

  • This update expanded on the 2.0 settings update
  • Super customizable photo strips!
  • Super customizable booth and remote view!

Version 2.0


THE BEST DIY Photo Booth App -

Version 2.0 took version 1.0 and completely re-designed the UI, and added a ton of functionality.