PG Booth Basic Settings

Video Demo of basic settings

Basic settings list

Continuous Photo Booth
If on, the photo booth app will auto re-start once its started once.
Number of seconds before starting the photo booth again
If continuous photo booth is turned on. This is the number of seconds before the booth starts again.
Number of seconds between shots
This is the number of seconds you would like to wait between each shot taken in the photo booth.
intro countdown
Seconds before photo booth starts taking pictures.
Seconds between shots
Seconds before the photo booth starts.
Show back button from the photo booth
If on, the photo booth view will show the back button circle in the lower left corner of the booth. If off, the photo booth will not show the back button.
Back button alpha
This will allow the button to be see-through or not. 100% means you can not see behind it. 10% would mean you can barely see it.
3 finger Swipe out of booth
3 finger swipe out of the photo booth is just what it sounds like. Swipe left to right and leave the booth. This is helpful if you have the back button hidden and want a 'secret' way to leave the photo booth app.
Hide buttons when tap top of booth
When on, you can tap the very top of the running photo booth and all the interface buttons will disappear. Tap again, and they re-appear. If you not using the "Tap to start" setting, you can tap anywhere on the photo booth.
Show the Tap To Start text on the photo booth
If on, this setting will display the text 'tap to start booth' on top of the camera view in the photo booth.
Show start button on booth
Shows a start button at the bottom of the running photo booth. Need to have this or 'show tap to start' showing to have users be able to start the photo booth.
Show settings button on running booth.
When this is on, you can access the apps basic settings from the running photo booth.
Show / Hide layouts button
This can Show / Hide the different photo strips layouts button on running booth. If showing, you can change the layout of the photo strips on the fly.
use voice
Photo booth uses a voice to countdown.
use beep
Photo booth uses a beeps to countdown.
Show countdown
This will show countdown text on top of the photo booth
Countdown number text color
Change the color of the countdown, if showing.
Show large text showing photos left
This will the number of photos left to take on top of the photo booth. For example: "3 to go" , "2 to go" ...
Photos left message text color.
Change the color of the photos left message, if showing.
Shows small info bar
Show info bar text that contains the progress of the booth.
Play effect when booth complete
Plays a short audio effect when booth is complete.
Send Live Feed

This setting , when turned on, will send a constant feed to the connected remotes. If the connected remotes have show live feed turned on they will see whats always happening on the running booth.

Using this setting will increase the load on the device. It will use a lot more CPU and Memory and therefore will also reduce battery life. So just keep that in mind:)

Enable Remote
Allow remote connections. Turn off to not allow other devices to connect to the booth
Booth name
Booth name, which shows on other devices. You should change this if you want more than 1 booth running on the same wifi. Only one Booth Name works per network.
Default Camera
This allows you to pre-select what camera will be used when the booth starts.
Allow Switching Camera
If on, you can switch cameras from the booth. If off, you can not.
Auto Dismiss Photo Strip
When this Photo Booth setting is on the photo strips that appear once the booth has completed running auto hides and returns you back to the booth. If users interact with the photo booth photo strip, the photo booth photo strip will not dismiss until they stop and the auto-dismiss time has passed.
Auto Dismiss After Time
This is the number of seconds that have to pass before the photo booths photo strip view is dismissed. This time only starts when users are not interacting with the photo strip on screen.