Photo Booth APp iOS Tips

Guided Access in iOS for iPad and iPhone

  • Disable Auto-Lock on the photo booth

    This means the photo booth will not "go to sleep".

  • Use Guided Access on the photo booth

    This locks your photo booth app down so users can not leave the photo booth that is running. Using guided access you no longer have to worry about people messing with your device.

    Users will not be able to exist the photo booth app, or get into settings, or access the photo booth home screen.

    Guided access is good for other things too. So don't forget about it! Keep kids in one app only. Have your iPad act like a kiosk. Or some other cool thing I don't even know about.

    Turn on Guided Access and also enter a passcode / use touch id. Once you have completed that. You can "Triple-Press" the home button when inside of an app. That will bring up the options for selecting areas to disable interactions. Once ready, tap "Start" in the upper right corner. You have now successfully locked your device in the app. You can "Triple-Press" the home button again and enter your code / touch ID to exit Guided Access mode. More Detail