Photo Booth Ideas

Photo booth setup ideas using PG Booth.

PG Booth, short for Pretty Good Booth, is a photo booth app. The idea behind this photo booth app started at our wedding. We wanted to have a wedding photo booth that allowed the guests to take photos themselves without someone standing by explaining the photo booth to them. So I created and set up this photo booth app so one device would act as the photo booth and another as the remote. Set the photo booth remote close to the area where the guests pose. This allowed them to easily start the booth while posed and see the resulting photo strip on the remote device running the photo booth app. You can connect several remotes to the running photo booth app.

Photo Booth Party Setup Ideas

When using PG Booth there are a lot of creative ways you could implement it. PG Booth is a great photo booth app for parties and events as well.

Photo booth basic setup

For the most basic setup you have the photo booth app running on a single device. This allows users to touch the photo booth app screen to start the booth and then get into place.

Basic photo booth Remote Setup

The next step up is using at least two devices running the photo booth app. One is the photo booth and one is the remote. In this setup we usually setup a little table next to where the participants are posing. This allows the photo booth to be located anywhere you like while still being started by participants while they are posed or posing.

Use the photo booth with large screens

Some get togethers desire a large screen.

In these types of situation we have found that using an external device, such as a TV or Monitor, is a nice touch. You can connect the device running the PG Booth application to the external screen in a number of ways. Or you can use the PG Booth app for the Apple TV to start the booth, or view photos after they are taken.

A few ways to get the photo booth app connected to a TV is using:

  • via an adaptor
  • via AirPlay with an Apple TV
  • Running the PG Booth app on the Apple TV

Extra connections to the photo booth app

PG Booths photo booth app functionality allows many people to be connected to any running booth at the same time. This allows any remote user to start the booth. If others are connected to a running booth, each photo strip taken is sent to each connected device.